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Decorative Walls

Decorative walls are the ultimate showstoppers at events, creating immersive environments that ignite the senses and spark wonder. 

They make sure every themed element in the room fills perfectly in. Decorative walls make perfect entrances, photo booths backgrounds or even immersive places for your events.

Picture-perfect and endlessly customizable, these walls serve as striking backdrops for photo opportunities and immersive experiences.

No matter your vision, we'll bring it to life with our unparalleled expertise and creativity, ensuring your event leaves a lasting impression that's unique.

Balloon Wall

Balloons with logo

They can be tailored to match event themes or branding, offering endless possibilities for creativity. Whether adorned with cascading balloons, intricate designs, or themed arrangements, balloon walls add a touch of whimsy and charm to any occasion.

Vertical Gardens

Personnalized and neon option

Also known as living walls or plant walls, incorporate lush foliage and vegetation to create a natural and refreshing backdrop for events. They add a touch of greenery and serenity to indoor and outdoor spaces, enhancing the ambiance and air quality.

Led Walls

Display short animations

LED walls feature large panels of LED screens that can display high-resolution images, videos, or graphics. They offer vibrant colors and dynamic visuals, making them ideal for stage backdrops, presentations, and branding displays.

Interactive Walls

Create interaction

Interactive walls engage attendees through touch, motion, or sensor-based interactions. They can incorporate games, digital art, or interactive displays, providing entertainment and engagement opportunities for guests of all ages.

Backlit Walls

Illuminated wall from behind

Backlit walls feature translucent panels or materials illuminated from behind to create a soft and atmospheric glow. They add depth and visual interest to event spaces, creating a warm and inviting ambience that enhances the overall experience.

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