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We understand the power of props at events. Props are the starting point for any event. They transform an ordinary event into a whole universe.

Whatever the theme, we've got props that are perfect for it, ensuring that your event is not just memorable, but truly unforgettable.

With our extensive range of props, from whimsical decor to interactive installations, we ensure that every detail is meticulously planned and flawlessly executed.

Let's collaborate to turn your event dreams into reality and create moments that will be cherished for years to come!

Light Props

Lamps of all styles

Light props add ambience and create atmosphere. Whether it's elegant chandeliers casting a warm glow, dynamic LED displays illuminating the dance floor or elements blending in the decor. light props enhance the overall experience and captivate guests.

Table Props

Flowers / menus / decoration...

Table props elevate the dining experience and add visual interest to each table setting. From elegant centrepieces and decorative tableware to themed placeholders, table props contribute to the event's theme and create a cohesive aesthetic.

Picture Props

Frames / costumes / accessories...

Picture props provide interactive opportunities for guests to capture and share memorable moments. Whether it's a themed photo booth with fun props or strategically placed frames for Instagram-worthy shots, picture props encourage social engagement.

Mural Props

Plants / posters / paintings...

Mural props transform event spaces into immersive environments through captivating visuals. Whether it's a vibrant graffiti wall, a scenic landscape backdrop, or a custom-designed mural, mural props serve as captivating backdrops for photo opportunities


Red carpet / Arches...

Entrance props set the tone for the event, creating anticipation for what lies ahead. Whether it's an elaborate archway, a red carpet entrance, or thematic signage guiding guests into the venue, entrance props make a memorable first impression.

Scenic Props

Form a scene for photos

Scenic props create immersive environments that transport guests to different settings, from enchanted forests to tropical paradises. Whether it's artificial foliage, scenic backdrops, or thematic décor elements, scenic props create visually stunning landscapes.

Branding Props

Gift boxes / cards / banners...

Branding props reinforce brand identity and create cohesive brand experiences throughout the event. Whether it's branded banners, signage, or custom installations featuring logos and brand colours, branding props ensure consistent brand messaging.

Name Board

A bord with all the guest names

Name boards provide essential information and facilitate smooth guest navigation throughout the event space. Whether it's directional signage, table assignments, or personalized name tags, name boards ensure clarity and organization.

Realistic Animals

All types of animals stuffed or plastic

Whether it's lifelike sculptures, animatronic creatures, or themed displays featuring exotic animals, realistic animal props create memorable focal points and enhance the overall ambience of the event.

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