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Photo Booths

Photo booths have become indispensable additions to events, offering a unique blend of entertainment, engagement, and lasting memories. From 360° video booths capturing dynamic moments to sleek mirror photo booths adding a touch of glamour, these interactive experiences elevate the event atmosphere and create opportunities for guests to connect and have fun.

In every setting, photo booths serve as interactive hubs where guests can express themselves, foster connections, and create tangible memories that amplify the overall enjoyment and success of the event. In a corporate event, photo booth branded with company logos encourages team bonding.

360° Video Booth

360° digital video

360° Video Booths: 360° video booths offer a cutting-edge and immersive experience, allowing guests to capture dynamic moments from every angle. Ideal for corporate events, and product launches, these booths create captivating content

Open Air Photo Booth

Printed pictures & digital pictures and GIFs

Open-air photo booths provide a fun and interactive space for guests to gather and create memories together. Personalize the printed pictures with your brand or event. They offer flexibility in setup and encourage spontaneous creativity. 

Mirror Photo Booth

Printed pictures & digital pictures

Mirror photo booths combine elegance with technology, offering a sleek and interactive experience. Ideal for upscale events, galas, and corporate functions, these booths provide a sophisticated backdrop for branded content and personalized photo prints.

Enclosed Photo Booth

Printed pictures

Enclosed photo booths offer privacy and intimacy, allowing guests to let loose and express themselves without inhibition. These booths create a sense of nostalgia and camaraderie as guests bond over silly props and candid snapshots

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