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Lighting serves as the silent storyteller of every event, weaving an intricate tapestry of mood, ambience, and emotion. Its significance lies not only in illuminating the stage but in guiding the audience's attention, enhancing the performer's presence, and creating a captivating atmosphere that engages the senses.

In summary, lighting is essential for shaping the atmosphere, enhancing visual impact, and creating memorable experiences at events. Emphasize the experience of your event for your attendees with the right lighting and the right mood. Good lighting is key in an event.

Color Washes

blending colors

Infuse the event with vibrancy and energy, transforming ordinary spaces into dynamic and visually stunning environments. By bathing the stage or venue in rich hues and shades, color washes create immersive atmospheres that engage the senses.


Focalise the attention to 1 point

Spotlights draw attention to specific areas or individuals on stage and highlighting key moments in the event. Creating focal points that command the audience's attention and enhance the overall visual impact of the performance.

Gobo Projections

Project your brand

Add depth and texture to event spaces, casting intricate patterns, logos, or images onto surfaces to create visual interest and branding opportunities. They transform ordinary surfaces into dynamic canvases.

Laser lights

Moving laser lights / Show

With their intense beams of colored light, laser lights create astonishing displays that captivate audiences and enhance the overall spectacle of the event. From randomly moving laser lights to an organized laser light show, you can personalize it all. 


Background light in decor

Accentuates architectural features, décor elements, and focal points within the event space, adding depth and dimension to the visual landscape. Illuminating walls, columns, and other vertical surfaces from below, they are the key to your decor elements.


Neon texts / Lighting

Bring a retro-chic vibe to events, adding a pop of color and personality to the décor. With their vibrant glow and eye-catching designs, neon lights create a sense of nostalgia and fun, infusing events with a playful and energetic atmosphere.

Light Objects

Light balls / Cubes...

Serve as decorative elements that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the event space. From illuminated sculptures and installations to LED furniture and fixtures, light objects add visual interest in your event and are a great addon for lighting effects.

Ambient lighting

Set a cosy mood

Sets the overall mood and ambience of the event, providing a welcoming glow that bathes the space in warmth and comfort. It creates a sense of cohesion and harmony, ensuring that guests feel relaxed and at ease from the moment they arrive.

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