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Furniture Hire

Get ready to elevate your event to the next level with our sensational furniture hire options!

From chic lounge areas that exude glamour to banquet tables adorned with breathtaking centrepieces, every piece of furniture is a masterpiece waiting to be showcased.

With our furniture hire your event will be an unforgettable experience filled with style, comfort, and sophistication.

Make the most of every space to showcase your brand, and products or to make sure your guests feel comfortable.


Chairs / Sofas / Bean Bags...

Seating is vital for events as it provides guests with a comfortable and inviting space to enjoy the occasion. Whether it's plush lounge seating for a cocktail reception or elegant banquet chairs for a formal dinner, the right seating enhances guest comfort.


Dining Tables / Side Tables... 

Tables serve as central gathering points where guests can dine, converse, and interact with ease. From communal dining tables to sleek cocktail tables that facilitate networking, well-chosen tables enhance the functionality and flow of events.

Bar Furniture

High-Top Tables / Bar Counters...

Bar furniture adds flair and functionality to events by creating dedicated spaces for guests to enjoy refreshments and socialize. Stylish bar counters, high-top tables, and comfortable bar stools transform any venue into a vibrant hub.

Decorative Furniture

Vintage / LED furniture / Decorative chairs...

Decorative furniture enhances the ambience and visual appeal of events. From elegant lounge furniture that exudes sophistication to eye-catching centrepieces that add flair to tables, decorative furniture elevates the overall aesthetic of any event.

Display Furniture

Shelving / Display Tables...

Display furniture plays a crucial role in showcasing products, artwork, or presentations. Whether it's sleek display cabinets for merchandise or shelving units for promotional materials, display furniture helps businesses make a memorable impact at events.

Practical Furniture

Lecterns / Coat Hangers / Dance Floors

Practical furniture items such as lecterns, coat hangers, and dance floors contribute to the smooth organization and logistics of events. Functional yet essential, these items help organizers create well-organized and memorable events.

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